Who We Are

Conation Consulting Limited is established as a boutique Business Strategy & Transformation Consulting Services solution provider to both “for-profit” and “non-profit” clients, across both private and public sector organisations.


What We Do

As an Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions Integrator, our value proposition to clients is truly sector agnostic. Our aim is to fully understand the market, business and/or organisational challenges that present to our clients, to work in concert with our clients in scoping a Solution Blueprint to address these challenges, to work on behalf of our clients to resource the optimal mix of industry/market subject matter expertise and, where required and appropriate, to support in the execution of our clients’ Transformation Strategy.


How We Do It

- Market Research

- Strategy & Planning

- Change Management

- Programme Management

- Advisory Services

Our Operating Philosophy


At Conation, our approach is strategic; we are committed to building a long-term and sustainable Intellectual Property Network that exists to serve a diverse range of client businesses across multiple geographies. Our operating philosophy derives from this mandate.

We believe that each and every client partnership must reflect our fundamental commitment to the Non-Zero Sum principle; in other words, we only win if and when our client wins. Consequently, the economic value we appropriate from solving our clients’ business and organisational challenges must represent a relative measure of the economic and stakeholder value we contribute to our client organisations. 

Our Differentiation


Conation is the hub of a potentially limitless network of IP Consulting resources, enabling us to offer our clients a remarkable degree of flexibility in the design, configuration and deployment of intelligent, creative and adaptive responses to business and organisational challenges which are, by definition, unique to each and every client.

Our structural flexibility on behalf of our clients ensures that we are neither constrained by legacy structural “form and function” of traditional Consulting organisations, nor are we limited in terms of the size and scope of client organisations that we are keen to partner with and to support. Our boutique operating model delivers the right solution and resources to achieve the specific transformation objectives of each client individually.