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At Conation, we understand that the fundamental goal of the Firm is to earn a return on capital which exceeds both the cost of capital as well as the opportunity cost of capital employed.

In working with our clients to maximise return over term, we evaluate current industry and market characteristics and trends in order to determine the medium-to-long term “fit” with our clients’ strategic objectives.  Furthermore, we assess the Firm’s current and potential competitive advantage in order to ensure the medium-to-long term sustainability and appropriability of economic and stakeholder value, in line with the Firm’s financial and stakeholder objectives


In concert with key decision-makers,  we work with our clients to articulate and to orient the Firm’s Corporate, Business and Organisational strategies towards sustainable success within it’s current and future markets. Through our Planning Phase, we identify the specific resources required to deliver our clients’ Transformation Plan and procure the expertise on behalf of or clients.

Where required, we will support our clients through the Strategy Implementation Phase, ensuring that all transformation related risks are optimally mitigated through effective Organisational Change and Project Management.